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The Store-House of Wonder and Astonishment With its blend of scientific and theological histories, Sherry Rind’s The Store-House of Wonder and Astonishment speaks of age-old histories through the tender wisdom of the Earth’s animals and philosophers. The varying perspectives of each poem and section solidify an underlying truth: while the vessel for each “voice” might be different, the message remains universal. Rind is gentle, taking her reader through her thought process. With each poem, Rin

Mexicamericana by Eloisa Amezcua: An Honest Reflection of the Hyphenated Identity

Children of immigrants, especially among people of color, live a dual identity. The severity of this 'split' is dependent on the individual's immediate environment. When there is a lack of acceptance and encouragement of cultural exploration, this dual identity can cause stress and confusion. Eloisa Amezcua shares the journey of her duality and reconciliation of her ‘self’ with her chapbook published by Porkbelly Press.

On Redefining Home

Straightforwardly, home is defined as ‘the place where one lives.’ A more detailed definition is, ‘a place where one lives permanently, as a member of a family or household.’ More often than not, home is very inextricably tied to family in Filipino American families, which can comprise of clusters of strong-willed folks rooted in an obligation of togetherness. ‘Home’ being where one’s nanay and tatay or lola and lolo are, even long after you moved out of your childhood home.

Separating Shame from Sex

Sex is inescapable in modern society. The internet is inundated with articles on how sex influences media, or vice versa, and how it permeates into young, adolescent, and adult minds. Sex, in of itself, is used as a marker of “lost innocence,” and even to indicate one’s becoming an adult. But why do we scrutinize sex with such fervor? More importantly, why are the repercussions of sex so heavily weighted on feminine-aligning folks?

Miles Davis And The Jazz Giants: Cultivating Black Artistry

When my partner learned I was a jazz pianist, he introduced me to Bill Evans with Portrait in Jazz. In the pre-COVID era, I would browse the local Half Price Bookstore for John Coltrane vinyls and CDs. When Governor Gavin Newsom announced the shelter-in-place order back in March, I rushed back to Half Price Bookstore to make my last in-person purchases. I texted my partner to ask which new jazz CDs I should look for, and one of the names in his response was Miles Davis.

Devil Fruit: The Strange Source of One Piece's Superpowers, Explained

Superpowers can be something you're born with or something you're accidentally afflicted with. Rarely do they come from something you can eat, but this is exactly how the characters of One Piece are able to empower themselves with weird and wonderful abilities. In the long-running manga/anime series, Devil Fruits are the strange source of many a hero and villain's power, including the franchise's straw-hatted protagonist, Monkey D. Luffy.

Is A Destructive God Sits Next to Me Queerbaiting Us?

A Destructive God Sits Next to Me is one of the new anime additions to the current Winter season. At face value, it is a high school comedy about a second-year student called Koyuki Seri attempting to have a "normal" high school experience, namely by avoiding the eccentric Hanadori Kabuto. But could it also be about a blossoming romance between Koyuki and Hanadori? So far throughout the series, there have been small instances and gestures that hint of an attraction between Koyuki and Hanadori.

Beastars: Anime’s Murder Mystery Answer to Zootopia Is Coming to Netflix

Though previously believed to premiere October 2019, Netflix announced the definitive release date for audiences worldwide for the anime, Beastars, on March 13, 2020, with a second season already in the works. Beastars began as a manga by Paru Itagaki, which was first released with Weekly Shonen Champion magazine. Paru comes from a family of manga and anime fame, as the daughter of Keisuke Itagaki, the author of Baki.
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